Bookkeeping Services and Pricing


Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly... You decide what's right for you


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Customized Bookkeeping System for Every Client

Every client has different needs and we tailor our services to fit those needs.  You may just want some initial QuickBooks training to get you going, or you may be ready to turn everything over and let us take the reins.  You may want to see updated information every Monday morning, or you may be happy with a set of monthly reports after each month closes.  We talk to you, get to know your business, and help you determine which level of bookkeeping is best for your needs and your budget. 

Flat Fees or Hourly

Some businesses are better suited to hourly rates, while others fit in nicely with a flat fee program.  We know that a business's bookkeeping needs can fluctuate, and we like to give you a monthly number you can count on.  If you have a specific budget for your bookkeeping, we will help design a plan that best suits you.  Our plans are based on several factors, including (but not limited to), number of bank and credit card accounts, how often you need updates, reporting needs and other specifics.  Regardless of your needs, we are here for you.

Bookkeeping Services - Simple

Hourly or Flat rate  —  Each  month or quarter we'll do the following things for you:

  • Reconcile your bank account
  • Generate an income statement
  • Generate a balance sheet
  • Generate comparison reports

Bookkeeping Services - Detailed

Hourly or Flat rate — Weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually.  We will create a plan that best suits your needs.  With this option we will:

  • Match and categorize online or desktop banking transactions
  • Reconcile bank, credit card, loan and investment accounts
  • Receive and post invoice payments
  • File sales and use tax
  • Prepare journal entries as necessary
  • Prepare financial management reporting

QuickBooks Training and Support

Our QuickBooks ProAdvisors are ready to provide you with

  • QuickBooks desktop or online setup
  • Desktop or online full-level training
  • On-site or remote training services.  Recommended minimum time is 2 hrs

QuickBooks Cleanup / Catch up

Books a mess? Never fear - we are here!  We will scour your entries and code them correctly so your financial reports are clean and tidy.   Even if they are years behind, we can bring them up to date, and each expense and income item will be put to its proper place, with no dust bunnies left in the corners